get rid of baby face

Know how to look older and get rid of baby face

Some women would have a baby face by nature. But they would want to look older with a baby face as the age and looking for the tricks how to make it. Few would try changing hair and making other changes in them. You should not try any wrong methods that would make you in trouble.

There is always a difference between looking mature and looking trashy. But our goal should be to look matured and not weird. Below are some tips and tricks that you can follow to make yourself look older.

  • Do not over dump makeup on your face

This is a common mistake that everyone do to get a mature look. But it should be remembered that less make up would be the best solution for this. It doesn’t mean that to look older you need to apply everything on face. A light makeup with the basic things would be enough for the face.

  • Use slippers with normal heals

People think that wearing high heels would make them look older. But this is a wrong fact. Wearing a slipper with high heel and over make-up will only make your look still younger.

  • Concentrate on dressings

To look older you can choose clothes that are sophisticated and timeless. Wear dresses that look classic and subdued in color. You can wear a Plain white T-shirt with skinny jeans and a pair of low heels to make yourself look older.

  • Avoid using trendy dresses

Though it is tough to stay away from the latest trends, for you to look older do not try these outfits. Over trendy style would make you look so young.

look older

  • Haircuts are important

The looks are greatly dependent on the style of hair. You can cut your hair in the way that it would

  • Focus on particular area in the face

This would be definitely difficult for the women asking them not to wear make-up. But this would make a huge difference in the looks. Instead of using over make-up for the face, you can just put it on some part and make other part look subtle.

Women are looking for many methods to make themselves look older and trying many different ways to achieve it. You should be careful in not using the wrong ways and can always choose the correct methods for achieving it and be safe too.