50 Hairstyles for Thick Hair You’ll Want to Try Immediately

50 Hairstyles for Thick Hair You’ll Want to Try Immediately

Thick hair can be styled in so many ways. You can play with length, texture, and your favorite colors. Check out below some recommendations and ideas to upgrade your favorite haircuts for thick hair.

Treat your mane to a proper haircut for your beautiful thick hair. Make it look even more gorgeous!

1. Long Hair with Bangs. Shaggy hairstyles are perfect for those who want a unique look. Shags look different on everyone. This one concentrates volume upwards and blends in some nice full bangs.

Shaggy Hairstyle with Bangs

2. Short Messy Wavy Bob. If your hair is wavy and hard to control, get either a short cut or grow it out and wear in updos. The first idea is quite appealing if you think of a shaggy bob crop with some effortless waves.

Messy Crop with Waves

3. Wavy Brunette Shag. The shag is one of the best long haircuts for thick hair. It allows you to wear your hair free-flowing and it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Wavy Shag Haircut for Thick Hair

4. Feathered Tapered Pixie. If you prefer short hair, get some layers, girl! This pixie will always look awesome with minimal effort.

Pixie with Feathered Layers

5. Medium Hair with Swoopy Layers. With a short to medium length, you can easily show off the beauty of your thick hair. Some swoopy layers with flipped up ends will shape your mane nicely.

Medium Thick Hair with Layers

6. Piece-y Gray Blonde Lob. A layered bob is easy to style and wear. If you don’t have time, scrunch some cute waves with a product or blow dry with a diffuser. A blowout offers a more polished look when you have extra minutes to work with a blow-drier and a round brush.

Cute Easy Gray Blonde Lob Hairstyle

7. Cut with Layered Ends. If you have beautiful thick hair, why not show it off with a gorgeous cut? Get layers on layers and treat them to a subtle yet eye-catching balayage.

Layered Cut for Thick Hair

8. Messy Lob with Uneven Layers. Thick frizzy hair can be a struggle, but make it your ally instead. With an edgy layered cut, your hair looks chicly messy on purpose.

Messy Lob for Thick Frizzy Hair

9. Very Long Hair with Swoopy Layers. Let the layers flow! This is one of the most beautiful long hairstyles for thick hair in our review. You’ll look like a princess every day!

Long Hairstyle with Layers for Thick Hair

10. Inverted Razored Bob. If you don’t feel like wearing long hair, there are options for you! Short haircuts for thick hair have their special flair and edge because you can afford any texture and shape. No additional tricks needed – your hair looks flawless.

Short Haircut for Thick Hair

11. Voluminous Waves for Medium Hair. It’s good for brunettes to try a dark brown sombre this season – it will make your waves shine wherever you go.

Brunette Medium Hair with Waves

12. Wavy Long Hairstyle. For a gorgeous look, get a layered cut and master a few different curling techniques. A quick tousle, and you are ready to sparkle!

Wavy Layered Hairstyle for Thick Hair

13. Shiny Lob with Layers. Lobs are the best medium haircuts for thick hair because they show off the perfect shape and texture of your hair. This length can be easily swept up into an updo, but it also looks incredibly nice when it’s down.

Lob Haircut for Thick Hair

14. Inverted Feminine Cut. Get a classic bob haircut and style it with lift at the roots. You’ll love your new feminine look.

Classic Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

15. Shaggy Feathered Bob. Well, neat, polished hairstyles are not for everyone. Make your bob shaggy and relaxed if it feels closer to you now.

Shaggy Bob for Thick Hair

16. Long Feathered Pixie. If you want no ordinary short hairstyle, perhaps you may get a two-tone pixie shag. Add a pinch of lilac in the front and short feathers on the crown. You’ll love it!

Classic Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

17. Angled Haircut with Fringy Edges. Remember that Victoria Beckham’s hairstyle everyone loved? Guess what, the bob still rocks!

Angled Hairstyle for Thick Hair

18. Hairstyle with Piece-y Flipped Ends. Textured hairstyles for thick wavy hair bring an airy feel to thick manes that could otherwise feel heavy and motionless.

Hairstyles for Long Thick Wavy Hair

19. Edgy Wavy Style. Dress up your shorter locks with one of the best haircuts for thick wavy hair – the disconnected choppy bob. The delicious color is a beautiful addition to the statement cut.

Edgy Haircut for Thick Wavy Hair

20. Medium Wavy Shag with Bangs. When it comes to medium hairstyles for thick hair, shags instantly spring to mind. No wonder – they are so good on thicker strands!

Medium Shag Hairstyle for Thick Hair

21. Lob with Feathered Swoopy Bangs. Medium length hairstyles for thick hair are perfect if you basically want to wear your hair down and occasionally experiment with updos.

Medium Length Hairstyle with Bangs for Thick Hair

22. Choppy Pixie Haircut. An outgrown pixie is no longer a hairstyle you’d rather hide under your hat. This pixie is good if you are growing your hair into a bob. Keep your sideburns long and visible and let them blend into your jagged bangs.

Wavy Haircut for Thick Hair

23. Choppy Wavy Lob. Bob haircuts for thick hair work so well with a blonde balayage and wavy texture. Amazing dimension and volume of your hair won’t pass unnoticed.

Outgrown Pixie Haircut

24. Long Layered Waves. Layered haircuts for thick hair go hand in hand with breath-taking balayage highlights, and they will undoubtedly make you look glamorous.

Long Layered Haircut for Thick Hair

25. Classic Sleek Lob. If you want a romantic look, choose a lob haircut and straighten your hair till it’s silky with not a hair out of place.

Silky Sleek Lob Haircut

26. Shaggy Inverted Hairstyle. A pretty good option for thick hair is to get a beautiful inverted lob haircut full of texture. A sprinkling of highlights will make the movement in the hair even more evident.

Long Inverted Style for Thick Hair

27. Medium Cut with Swoopy Layers. Choose a shoulder-grazing cut with side feathered layers swept backward. The effect will be undoubtedly mesmerizing.

Shoulder-Length Cut with Layers

28. Choppy Pixie Haircut with Undercut. Pixie haircuts are perfect for those who don’t want another struggle in the morning. Say bye-bye to those times when you had to style your hair every day.

Choppy Undercut Pixie

29. Cascade of Waves with Highlights. Add cascading layers and balayage highlights to your basic haircuts for long thick hair. If you want people to think that you’ve just finished filming for a shampoo commercial, this look is the one!

Layered Wavy Haircut for Long Thick Hair

30. Tousled Inverted Style. A short black bob can be the right pick if you want to get a more luminous face and perfectly frame your face.

Short Inverted Black Cut

31. Shaggy Lob with Dimensional Highlights. A lob haircut is perfect for women with round faces. If you choose to add some chunky multi-tonal blonde highlights, you will get a gorgeous dimensional look.

Shaggy Lob Haircut for Round Faces

32. Auburn Wavy Hairstyle. When a lovely texture meets a cute color some hair magic happens. This hairstyle with curvy waves is eye candy. All natural redheads should really try it!

Auburn Thick Cut with Waves

33. Messy Lob with Shaggy Waves. This is one of the best shoulder length haircuts for thick hair that you can get. If you want to give it another twist, straighten it and add a shine-boosting product.

Shaggy Shoulder Length Haircut for Thick Hair

34. Steeply Angled Hair with Bangs. This long in the front short in the back haircut is very suitable for thick straight hair. You can also enhance the contrast of the look and add some straight-across bangs that go above your eyebrows.

Angled Hairstyle for Thick Straight Hair

35. Medium Cut with Chunky Choppy Layers. Thick coarse hair can look very good if you choose to soften it with easy waves and warm colors such as light brown or honey blonde.

Medium Cut for Thick Coarse Hair

36. Elegant Tapered Feathered Pixie. If elegant is the word that defines your style, a tapered pixie haircut in a dark shade is definitely what you’re searching for.

Tapered Pixie for Dark Hair

37. Shaggy Medium Hair. Shag haircuts can make you look like a rockstar! Tousle your hair and throw in some highlights to make your hair more textured.

Medium Shag Haircut with Subtle Highlights

38. Classic Blonde Layered Bob. This type of haircut is pretty low maintenance. That is the main reason why women love it. Of course, it also looks beautiful, especially if you add sophisticated balayage highlights.

Low Maintenance Layered Hairstyle

39. Mid-Length Straight-Across Cut. Longer haircuts for women with thick hair often have a “U” or “V” shape, but a straight-across cut can be a fresh alternative if you want to try something slightly new.

Straight-Across Cut for Women with Thick Hair

40. Short Dramatic Bob. Short hairstyles for thick hair will totally transform your look! Get a pixie bob haircut with crazy layers and add some highlights for the longer strands in the front.

Very Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair

41. Ginger Haircut with Messy Waves. Another nice idea for redheads! This beautiful deep color goes so well with the tousled waves and shattered bob shape.

Messy Style with Waves for Redheads

42. Long Thick Curly Hair. This princess look suits many girls but only a few are as lucky as you to have this type of hair and this length. Make it look more impressive with some easy curls.

Long Curly Hairstyle for Thick Hair

43. Spiky Black Pixie Bob Haircut. A basic pixie bob hairstyle looks much better if you choose to try sliced uneven layers. Opt for a solid color that won’t distract from the texture and shape of the cut.

Spiky Pixie with Uneven Layers

44. Medium Length Swoopy Cut. Wow! The flipped up hairstyle gets an awesome look when the hair is this thick and all the layers follow the same direction.

Medium Cut with Swoopy Layers for Thick Hair

45. Razored Haircut for Thick Frizzy Hair. If your hair is frizzy, try a cut with a razored finish. Get an astonishing balayage color that will draw all the attention to your edgy waves.

Thick Frizzy Razored Cut

46. Hairdo with Piece-y Flipped Up Layers. Gorgeous hairstyles for long thick hair involve lots of layers! These feather out magically, and the deep color enhances the effect.

Flipped Up Hairstyle for Thick Hair

47. Short Bob with Metallic Waves. An inverted layered haircut is always a worthy pick for thick hair. If you want to try an extraordinary color and texture, you won’t find a better shape.

Short Inverted Layered Cut with Waves

48. Flowy Bob Haircut. A gorgeous romantic look is associated with smooth lines, simple shapes, and discreet colors. This haircut is feminine and romantic, and what can be a better hairstyle choice for a woman with a good taste?

Feminine Haircut for Thick hair

49. Asymmetrical Undercut Pixie. A very short black hairstyle can make you look younger and fresher. Keep your bangs longer on one side and complete with an asymmetrically cut nape.

Very Short Black Undercut Pixie

50. Hair with V-Cut Layers. Let your hair cascade on your back in chunky V-cut layers to show off its natural volume and texture.

V-Cut Layers for Thick Hair

Whether you choose to wear your hair short or long, with bangs or without, thick hair is what every woman wants. Bobs, pixies, medium shags, and long layered cuts are all suitable for you. Tell us in the comments below which haircuts for thick hair you’d love to try this season.