Best nail shape for fat fingers

Everyone has different shape of fingers and nail sizes, healthy cuticles and polished nails are not the only things that make your fingernails beautiful. But keeping your nails shaped and trimmer properly helps you to create a glamorous look to your hands. In which everybody has different shapes of fingers and nails, but there are few common shapes and sizes to the hands that can help you to identify and determine how you should do the nail shape makes fingers look thinner where the way your cuticle shaped will also help you to get a good nail shape.

nail shape for fat fingers

  • For cuticle that are of oval shaped at the base then the square shaped nails are appropriate one.
  • For small fingers and hands, almond shaped nails are best one.
  • Plump and short fingers look best and beautiful with oval and square-off nails.
  • Thicker fingers or hands with a wide nail bed should have the square off ends.
  • The longer nail beds look beautiful with the rounded nails.

It is recommended by the nail experts that the free edge of the nails should only extend a few millimetres in length beyond the tip of your finger; make sure that when you begin to make nail shape for big hands then first start by trimming them with a quality of the clipper tools.

If you use the clipper that is hard to squeeze then it ends up with breaking of your nails or it may result in inaccurate cuts. Once you use a proper clipper tool then you can get a trimmed nails of your desire shape.

List of nail shape for fat fingers

The nail shapes for the fat fingers are available with the limited options in which basically there are three different nail styles and shapes which are suitable to nails for fat fingers. The three options of nail shapes for fat fingers are:

  • Almond nail
  • Stiletto nails shape
  • Oval nail shape

When you have the fat fingers then you can have the above three options of nail shape for your fingers to make your fingers look glamorous and beautiful in which there are some of the nail shapes that you must avoid namely squoval and round nails. When you avoid these two nail shapes then your fat fingers will be looking more elegant and beautiful than ever before.